• Security Assessment
  • Red Teaming
  • Adversary Phishing


ro-service-tornado_01Security Assessment

Penetration Testing

Authorised attempts to compromise information security and access sensitive data by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering involves the use of human interaction to influence others, usually to compel them to undertake certain actions or divulge confidential information.

Physical Security

Attempting to compromise information security by gaining physical access to protected information or information access points, usually within an organisation’s office building or premises.


ro-service-tornado_02Red Teaming

Red teaming is designed to penetrate security in a real world test of the effectiveness of security controls, policy, technology and infrastructure. Consultants play the role of an adversary using a range of physical, social and electronic techniques in order to simulate realistic attack scenarios. This results in a better understanding of possible adversaries and helps to improve counter measures against them and future threats. Testing challenges underlying assumptions, compels organisations to think outside the box, and enhances decision-making. Most importantly, Red Teaming ensures security testing is always tied to the context and reality in which the risks exist.


ro-service-tornado_03Adversary Phishing

The Risk Offensive Phishing Email Service is designed to increase an organisation’s resilience against phishing email attacks by improving staff security behaviour through regular exposure to phishing emails in a controlled environment.   Emails are targeted specifically for the client organisation and are based on company and OSINT reconnaissance.  Emails simulate the malicious intent of an actual targeted phishing email by including either a clickable link or downloadable attachment.   Client organisations are provided with full analysis reporting of staff responses.