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3 Signs You're Driving on a Bent Rim - What to.

26/01/2015 · Driving into a pothole can cause a blown tire, a bent wheel rim or worse yet, damage to the car’s suspension system. Many motorists may be unaware that they can submit pothole damage claims to the government agency responsible for maintaining the road and thus obligated to fill the potholes. 12/01/2015 · My car hit a pothole yesterday in the Mysore-Hiriyur stretch while I was driving from Calicut to Pune. It was a tree-lined road and this was a really nasty pothole perhaps slightly larger than the. Bent Rim after hitting a pothole - What effect will it have on the tyre? My poor baby. I was going 40 and hit this damn pothole which made a loud "THUD". Checked on it after to see that it had a crack in it and was bent. I've never had.

16/12/2006 · i hit a pothole, bend my chrome rim, can it be fixed?. i didnt not pop my tire, i took it to a rim shop, they suggested to blow it with a torche and hit it with a malet. will it work. Answer Save. 12 Answers. Relevance. fire4511. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Best Answer. Learn How To Fix a Bent Bike Rim without investing a fortune. Take these easy steps and you can avoid any future cost. I have shared my personal experience. 01/03/2012 · Yesterday I was on Rt-35 going through Aberdeen when I smacked a large pothole and bent my rim. I went to show it to my wife last night and the pothole had already been patched. Is there a chance I can get some money for my rim? I saved my receipt and took a photo of the damage. Pothole bent my rim 2013 BMW 328i Convertible 2013 BMW 328i Convertible 2WD. Rear driver-side rim appears to be. How dangerous is driving with bent rim? Anyway, do I need a new tire as well? Or can tire be transferred to a new rim? I ask because I have the very economical sarcasm run flat tires. Lastly, where can I find the rim part.

28/06/2018 · Holy crap! Remind me to stay off I-95! I hit a pothole and I had what I suspected was a bent rim and my "go-to" guy straightened it for me. That rim may be beyond repair. 23/04/2012 · So driving through troy today, managed to hit a massive pothole which did a number on my front passenger rim. The tire is fine, but there is a nice long scratched section of rim lip, and about an inch long section of it is bent, about 1cm of it is bent in such a way that it is past the edge of the tire. 01/07/2018 · Two weeks ago I mounted my snow tires on their dedicated wheels and scheduled an appointment with my mobile tire guy to take the tire off the bent wheel and put it on the new one. The damaged wheel that was 'straightened' still had a visible outward flare on the outer edge in addition to still not being completely round. Your car can make many sounds when you're driving down a road. Mechanics often will tell you that a constant thumping sound means a dented rim is probable. Wobbling or shaking in the tires can also be signs of bent or damaged rims. However, you cannot be completely sure about the damage to a rim.

19/04/2009 · Pot Hole and Bent Rim. I suspected it got bent after going thru. an unavoidable pothole in 401 2 weeks ago However, I have not noticed any vibration @ all. My friend checked the balance on that bent wheel and it wasn't far off 15 & 15. 10/03/2016 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Have you ever bent a wheel on a pothole or raised manhole cover that made your whole car vibrate? Has a mechanic ever told you that alloy wheels couldn't be straightened and you had to spend $500 to $600 on a brand-new wheel? This happens all too often, but it isn't true. 19/02/2007 · Last night, when Mexwife was driving home, she hit a pothole and bent the rim of the rear left wheel. The tire lost pressure altogether, she had the wheel changed by me. The rim is noticeably bent where she hit the pothole, about half an inch at least, from the end toward the center.

09/09/2018 · That's what I did when I had my infiniti q70 with 20 inch rims. And that's part of the reason why I got rid of it potholes are killers hate these New York roads and that's why got 18 SI with 18 inch rims instead. Good luck hope they do cover it. 25/02/2018 · So the bending of the rim can be fixed I have a machine shop across the street,. Hit a pothole now my rim is bent but. Jump to Latest Follow. but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Buy a used replacement, that way you will still be on here asking for advise in the years to come Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. 09/05/2011 · Ironically on my way home from the dealer for another unrelated reason, I hit a pothole and my rim got bent. It is not completely bent and is still able to be driven on but if. Username or Email Address Do you already have an account? 16/03/2004 · I FRIKING bent my SSR competition today!! Huge pothole and very wide so when i swerved, my front rim still got a piece of it but the back one got saved.

  1. When a rim is bent, your wheel will not spin evenly and can do serious damage to the rest of your car because of this. However, while still driving in your car after the bump, how do you know if that last unavoidable pothole was the last rim-bending straw and you need New York city rim repair?
  2. Something may have been bent or displaced and could be rubbing on the tire/wheel assembly. A dashboard warning light appears. How Badly Can Potholes Damage My Vehicle? Hitting a pothole can cause bent wheel rims, internal tire damage, alignment problems, and shock and strut issues depending on the severity of the impact.
  3. Bent rim sign 3: Something doesn’t look right. A bent rim can be obvious to the trained eye. The rim rests on the outer edge of your tire and maintains the air seal between your tire and your wheel. As a result, the affected part is visibly bent away from the tire, breaking the flush seal. If you have alloy rims, you’ll see this right away.

Bent rims can pinch and pop your tires, leading to blowouts. They can also cause mechanical issues, and problems with the handling and control of your vehicle, which can lead to dangerous situations. Not sure how to identify or diagnose a bent tire rim? Here are the top 4 signs that your rim may be bent, and that your wheel should be replaced. Posted in Rim Straightening Tagged AMG Wheel, bent rim repair, Hitting Pothole, Mercedes Benz C43 AMG, Mercedes W202, Monoblock Wheel, Pothole, wheel straightening, Диск, литой диск, Мерин, Мерседес Бенз, не одно та., Яма на дороге 1 Comment. 18/04/2017 · The only positive action it seems you can take is to alert the road’s owner -- city, county or state -- so the pothole is more likely to be fixed sooner. Full question. Fidel Madrigal asked the RGJ via Facebook, “I was wondering how I can file a complaint or do something else because I hit a pothole by the freeway and the rim of my car is bent.

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